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How You Can Help Jesse

A Tax deductible sponsorship gift of any amount is welcome in support of our rescue dogs.

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About Jesse

WEIGHT: 43 lbs
COAT: Smooth
COLOR: Tri-Color

Jesse’s adoption is pending!

Jesse is a sweet, handsome senior looking for a forever home. He gets along well with all the other dogs at his foster home, including two obnoxious 4 mo. old pups, as well as cats and even the free range chickens. He loves to hang out with his person. When not supervising yard work and household activities, he likes to go down into the basement and go into an open crate with a dog bed. It’s easy to forget he’s even around!

One of his favorite activities is to play fetch with a tennis ball. He brings it back and will politely drop it at your feet on command. Jesse walks well on leash. He knows basic commands, but his recall could use improvement. He may have a bit of hearing loss. For this reason, a fenced yard is a must.

Jesse would do best in a quiet, settled household with a routine. He would make a wonderful companion for a retired person or couple!

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!


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