Welcome to Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue


Are you interested in adopting a Border Collie from BRBCR?

Before beginning, please take the time to be sure this breed is the right dog for you. All dogs take time and require a purpose or they will use their boundless energy in destructive ways. We have found that when this happens they often end up abandoned to rescue or a local shelter, sometimes to a terrible fate. The volunteers with Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue have established a sturdy adoption process that we hope, will ensure that the dogs we place have a home where they will be loved, understood and given the chance to be the dog that they were bred to be. Our goal is to help these dogs find their forever home with the family that they truly belong with.

If you are prepared, owning a dog can be very rewarding. Please fill out our Online Adoption Application. One of our volunteers will contact you and schedule a visit to your home to meet with you and your family. We do this to help you understand Border Collies and to ensure that you are prepared to give them a wonderful home. After determining that you are prepared for a Border Collie, our volunteer will assist you in locating the dog that will best fit your situation.

An applicant will be considered as “approved” only when they have completed the application, and that application has been reviewed and accepted by our volunteers, and the Home Visit has been completed and reviewed. There is a standard donation required of $300 to pay for medical costs associated with our dogs. This may vary if a dog has a specific medical situation while in foster care.

Some of our dogs have special needs requirements from a home. Our goal is to find the very best home that we can for each of our dogs. This may not be the first home to come along.

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