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BRBCR HANDBOOK: Other Fostering Items


Respite Care. If a work-related or personal issue requires you to be out of town, or you have planned a vacation, you may need to find another foster parent for your time away. Advise the group of the situation as far in advance as possible so that temporary care of the foster dog can be arranged.

Transferring a Foster Dog. In spite of everyone’s best efforts to match the dog with your household, you may feel that this is not the animal for you. Work with the group to resolve problems, if possible. But if the situation can’t be resolved—if, for instance, the foster dog and your dog cannot be managed together, or if you or a family member develops a serious illness that affects your ability to care for the animal–advise the group so that arrangements can be made to move the dog to another foster parent.

Foster “Failure”. An occupational hazard of fostering is the attachment you may come to feel for the dog in your care. If after careful consideration you decide to adopt your foster dog, you may do so. However, please consider the effect of the adoption on your ability to foster dogs in the future. As wonderful as it is to adopt, adoption saves only one or two dogs. Fostering saves many more!

The adoption fee is $300, the same as for outside adopters. (However, if you have previously fostered at least one other dog for BRBCR, and the costs associated with the dog you want to adopt are less than $300, the adoption fee can be lowered to reflect the actual costs.)

You will complete the contract as an adopter and send it to the BRBCR Treasurer, who will act as the BRBCR representative in this transaction.

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