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About Fitz

WEIGHT: 36 lbs
COAT: Rough Coat
COLOR: Tri-Color
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion/Sport Dog

Meet Fitz!

Fitz is a sweet, very handsome, active, and FUN boy who just turned 3. When he’s outside, he certainly has the spunk of a younger dog. This dog loves his frisbee/ball but will play fetch with just about anything you throw and he’s so serious about it. Inside, he settles nicely and likes to lie under the table or recliner. Fitz is friendly with everyone – adults, strangers, and kids (he was raised with two kids). He’s just a people-friendly guy with lots of wiggles when he gets attention. He’s crate trained, house trained, and rides nice in a car. (I was told that he will chase cats!). Thus far, he has been eager to meet people and dogs on our walking trail.

Fitz is a confident boy and will test to see who’s boss, but he loves to learn and will stay focused when toys are put away and there aren’t other distractions. He is alert to sounds and movement but is not reactive. He doesn’t bark when someone drives up or comes to the door and once he is exercised he has a good off switch in the house. (He likes to sleep on the couch and in the recliners!)

Fitz has a strong personality and was likely an only dog and initially wasn’t the best at sharing with another dog. He has shown some possessive tendencies by not wanting my dog to interact with a water bowl, toys, and people but he has improved a lot in the last week. He also has a very hard stare with everything and everyone which will need to be managed when encountering strange dogs who might react to that. A one dog household may be best for him!

He started with some unwanted habits, which I’m sure he’ll need to be reminded about in his new home but I think he will learn quickly if everyone is consistent with his training. He may be a bit mouthy with your hands when really excited but this has really improved. He pulls on lead to check out all the cool things on a new trail and he likes to jump up on new people (and climb in someone’s lap when they are in the recliner). He may bark for a few minutes when put in a crate but then settles down well and stays quiet all night. Fitz comes when called and responds well to a whistle in the house but might not come if there’s a squirrel to chase without additional recall training.

Fitz is up to date on shots, recently neutered, on heartworm preventative, and on flea/tick preventative. He’s ready to go! He’d really enjoy a big fenced yard and someone who will throw frisbees and tennis balls to him daily! If you think Fitz might be a good match for you, please fill out an application first, then contact Karin Franklin, at kmerlinater@yahoo.com.

Fitz’s adoption fee is $300.

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