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About Dudley

WEIGHT: 35 lbs
COAT: Smooth
COLOR: Black and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion

Meet Dudley!

Dudley is a quirky little guy. His two favorite things are other dogs and people. The rest of the world terrifies him. It’s an odd mix for an anxious dog, but those favorites are doing a great job of helping him work through his fears.

We don’t know much about Dudley’s history. He was in two shelters before us, but they didn’t have the time or resources to help him. He’s been in his current foster home since April. His progress has been so gradual it’s hard to remember where he started out. He spent the first week hiding in his crate, but now, while still skittish, he is much more involved in the household. He likes everyone in the house and will eagerly approach people when we’re walking, and greet them nicely. And Dudley LOVES to play with other dogs. He won’t give up until they’ve run around with him. He’s still a bit dorky in his approach, but his foster brothers have taught him a lot about approaching other dogs.

Dudley is not most people’s idea of a typical border collie. He doesn’t chase balls or Frisbees; thrown things frighten him. He doesn’t learn tricks easily. In fact, no matter how we’ve tried, he seems to feel that sitting on command is too scary. This is not to say he can’t learn. He’s learned the foster home rules nicely. He’s house and crate trained. At the front door, I call out the names of the dogs that get to go out for a walk and he knows to come when it’s his turn and to move back when it’s not. He zigs a bit on leash and will pull, but is easily corrected. After becoming thoroughly comfortable with his people, he can even be trusted off leash in safe areas. Here is a short video of Dudley taking a walk with one of his foster siblings. He comes when called and (so far) hasn’t seemed interested in running off after wildlife. He does have a border collie’s energy and would make a great hiking partner.

The ideal home for Dudley would be a quiet adult home with another playful, easy-going dog. Cats would probably also be ok. He’s curious and friendly with children, but when things get noisy he’ll be miserable and hide. He will need a crate as a “safe zone.” His family needs to be very patient with his fears, ignoring most of them, and giving him plenty of opportunities to be brave.

Dudley is neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and preventatives.


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