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Miss Mimi

Miss Mimi

Adopted: November 2009

Miss Mimi had been dumped at a shelter as a 1 year-old with a litter of puppies. All of her puppies had found homes quickly, but Mimi was left behind until Cathy Dodgen from BRBCR rescued her from that shelter. When Mimi came to join our home on the farm, she was terrified of men and had no recall. Over the following months, she slowly learned to trust men and discovered that delicious treats waited for her whenever she came running back to whoever called her name. Miss Mimi bloomed into a wonder family & farm dog, as well as being the best motherly ambassador to many animals – – cats, puppies, foster dogs, and newborn foals. And her favorite person is my husband, which make us all so happy!

--- Michelle Lucas
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