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K9 Zoë

K9 Zoë

Adopted: September 2017

I was told that Zoë found her way to BRBCR when her previous owners dumped her in a shelter because she was barking and destroying their things, and was too much for them to handle.

I saw Zoë on Petfinder and immediately e-mailed asking if I could evaluate her as my next Search & Rescue prospect. My family and I drove up to Maryland from Virginia to meet Zoë and she seemed like a perfect fit! So much so that when I opened up the back of my Suburban to take her home for a couple week trial, she jumped in the back, over all the seats and up to the front, then hopped all the seats back to me and stopped and looked at me like, “Well, are we going, or what?”

She rocked all of my evals for her to start Search & Rescue training and I adopted her! She was so excited!

Now, four years later, she is a certified Search & Rescue K9 in Virginia and has been on many searches and located missing people. She lives to work, and simply NEEDED a job!

She lives happily with two teenage human brothers, a Labrador big brother, and a Belgian Malinois little sister. I am hoping one day to add a blue merle Border Collie brother to the mix soon, if I can find one! (Hoping to adopt)

--- Alicia Monahan
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