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BRBCR HANDBOOK: Communications


Our main method of communication is the Groups.io website. This message board is a vital tool for our wide-ranging membership, and many of us follow the posts avidly, either in real time or in digest form.

The message board is most useful when the subjects of posts are specific and when messages are directed just to those who really need to see them. Giving specific titles to your messages and identifying your recipient(s) as specifically as possible will save time and effort for everyone. Please use the message board only for matters that apply to all or most members–for instance, when requesting a home visit, or when asking for opinions about an application. Make sure to sign every email so that everyone can tell who is involved in the discussion.

Subject Lines

Using general subject lines such as Re: [brbcr2] New Adoption Application results in many identical titles, making it hard to locate messages about specific dogs or applicants. Therefore, please be specific in the subject line. If necessary, change the subject line to reflect the name of the dog or the applicant (or both). You can say something like:

HV Needed/McLean/ Breeden App for Holly (if requesting a HV), or

HV Offered/Breeden App for Holly (if volunteering to do the HV), or

Issue or Question/Breeden App for Holly (if concerned about an application)


There are sub-groups within the Groups.io communications that are set up for specific functions. For example, if you wish to help with Transportation, we will add you to the Transportation Sub-Group so that all of the details about coordinating transport for a dog will be limited to those people who are directly involved with transport. There is also a sub-group for those who wish to contribute to our annual newsletter, the Border Collie Bugle Call.


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