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How You Can Help Lucy

A Tax deductible sponsorship gift of any amount is welcome in support of our rescue dogs.

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About Lucy

WEIGHT: 25lbs
COAT: Medium Coat
COLOR: Black and White

Meet Lucy!

Lucy came to the rescue with 2 of her siblings and since arriving to rescue all the siblings were separated into different foster homes and the puppies have learned to thrive independently! Lucy moved into our “hobby farm” property with horses, sheep, poultry, cats, 2 other dogs, and a 1-year-old (human) baby. She’s really been exposed to it all and hasn’t had any bad reactions or issues with anything at the farm.

Although she may occasionally chase a duck around the yard when bored, she’s easily called off and hasn’t caused any damage. She is interested but not excessive with the baby in the house, they follow each other around and Lucy tolerates the erratic sounds and movements of a 1-year-old learning to walk.

She has little interest in the 2 dog savvy cats of the house. The occasional chase when the outside cat antagonizes Lucy, but overall, they are uninteresting to Lucy. Lucy loves the other dogs in the house, and she’s learning dog manners really well. She’s understanding not to be pushy with the old female border collie, and to keep her distance when chasing the male shepherd around the yard. Both of the older dogs do play with her and she’s loves to make them chase her across the backyard.

We’re working on house manners, and since she has access to a dog door, she hasn’t had any accidents in the house. She loves to retire to her kennel in the living room for naps but will occasionally bring a shoe with her to chew on. She is still a puppy so you need to watch what she’s chewing as she’s still teething.

I think Lucy will do really well in any household as long as she has a spot she can spend some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle when she needs to. She would be a great companion dog, as she’s quiet, calm, and always interested in what’s going on. She’ll lay by your feet at night while you’re watching TV or follow you around the yard while you’re watering your garden or doing chores. She’s got a good head on her shoulders and is picking up basic commands and leash walking really quickly. She’s still a little nervous around new things, but quickly shrugs it off and is onto the next new thing.

I don’t think of her as a working or sporting dog because her food and toy drive are pretty low. I can’t get her to tug or chase a toy, and she’s got minimal interest in a ball. She’d rather bury her chew toy than eat it. Her favorite rewards are a scratch under the chin and pat on the back. I have not exposed her to working the sheep, but she’s not too interested in them when they come up to the fence line.

If you are interested in adopting Lucy, please fill out an application and contact her foster parent at nikki.orourke1@gmail.com. BRBCR’s approval process includes phone interviews, reference checks, and a home visit prior to meeting a foster dog. Approved applicants must meet at the foster dog’s location. Every adoption begins with a 2-week trial period.

Lucy’s adoption fee is $300. Since She is too young to be altered at this time, the Adoption Contract will include a Spay/Neuter Agreement which requires a deposit of $150 (to be refunded when veterinary proof of alteration has been provided).

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

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