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How You Can Help Gem

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About Gem

WEIGHT: 40lbs
COAT: Medium Coat
COLOR: Black and White

Meet Gem!

Sweet Gem is just that…. a GEM! At almost 11 years young, this sweet girl is a diamond who has found her time to shine. Having lived all of her life as a working farm dog, Gem has spent the past several months learning how to be a wonderful indoor house dog after her former life was turned upside down through no fault of her own. Once she learns to trust you, she loves to be near her person, often found upside down happily chewing on a bone while her person is nearby. She is NOT a lap/furniture/bed dog – as this was not ever part of her former life – but has learned to enjoy being petted and will often ask (oh so politely) for a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears while she wags her tail at you.

Of note – she is *completely* deaf, and a flight risk. This means that her ideal home will have a fully fenced/secured yard (she will not climb or jump fences but will go under a fence or through any small openings). She has been taught to come running to you when she sees you motioning to her. Her owner *must be committed* to keeping her either on leash, or in a fenced in area WITH SUPERVISION, at all times. She has an adventurous and wandering spirit, and should she get out, she will simply run and run and run exploring the great big world – with nary a care about the dangers of cars, livestock, etc. Her deafness obviously adds to this danger exponentially.

She is incredibly food motivated and loves to learn. She is friendly, highly intelligent, curious, and a willing partner in learning anything you would like to teach her. If it weren’t for a little tell-tale grey around her mouth, you would never know she is almost 11!

She is used to being part of a family of dogs and does well with others once she has asserted herself as being the one in charge. However, she is very well adjusted and would do fine as a solo dog as well.

If you are the perfect forever home for Gem, please fill out an application and contact her foster parents at teri.partington@gmail.com. BRBCR’s approval process includes phone interviews, reference checks, and a home visit prior to meeting a foster dog. Approved applicants must meet at the foster dog’s location. Every adoption begins with a 2-week trial period.

Gem’s adoption fee is $300.

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

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