NAME: Isabelle
BREED: Australian Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
DOB: Feb. 2021
COAT: Rough
COLOR: Red and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: High Energy Puppy

Meet Isabelle!

She is an adorable, energetic, little girl, who is looking for a dog savvy, active home. This 11-week-old puppy is a sassy, hardheaded, alpha female that will push the boundaries. Izzy is a very smart and playful pup, but she is quite bossy. She puffs up her chest and prances off when she steals another dog's toy. Izzy is confident, fearless, and very independent, so a fenced yard is preferred.

The right person will need to be an experienced herding dog owner. They will need to provide the appropriate exercise, training, and mental stimulation for her to become a good canine citizen. A few walks a day is not going to be suitable for this little firecracker. Being so young, she will need someone home with her most of the day.

Izzy is very vocal and extremely mouthy. She will need an alpha leader who will not allow this and other bad habits to develop. As all over-excited puppies, she will launch herself relentlessly at clothes and skin with razor sharp teeth. For this reason, she will not be placed in a home with children under 12.

Izzy would thrive in a single-family home with a young male or slightly submissive female dog to continue proper puppy socialization. This bold girl will challenge older dogs and not back down. She has no problem pulling on tails. Izzy is not a good fit for apartment or townhouse living.

This healthy little girl has received age-appropriate shots, been dewormed and is in the process of being potty trained. With proper exercise, she will settle on the couch at night and chew on a frozen Kong. She knows sit and has a decent recall if you have treats. She knows where she is fed and sleeps, and goes into her crate/enclosure willingly. Puppies like Izzy normally excel in agility, fly-ball, herding and/or nose work. At the proper age she would also make a good running partner.

If you think you have the perfect home for Ms. Izzy, please fill out an adoption application. All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. We also require that your existing pets be current on heartworm preventative and vaccinations. Titering in lieu of vaccination is acceptable with proper documentation.

Izzy's adoption fee is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs. Since she is too young to spay, a Spay/Neuter agreement is required along with $150.00 Spay/Neuter deposit. This deposit will be returned to the adopter when they send a copy of the medical bill to the BRBCR Treasurer.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

 Applications are closed for Isabelle.





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