NAME: Nick
BREED: Border Collie
GENDER: Neutered Male
DOB: Nov. 2019
WEIGHT:  33 lbs
COAT: Rough
COLOR: Black and White, ticked
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Sports Competitor
LOCATION: Stevensburg, VA (near Culpeper)

Meet Nick!

This boy is just waiting for someone to come along and teach him things! He is amazingly attentive and eager to learn. Nick is not just a pretty face! Even though he has spent a good portion of his life tied out, his wonderful temperament shines through. Since he's been in his foster home he has been friendly with everyone he's met, great with dogs of all sizes and tolerant of the cats.

This is a very active boy, so a fenced yard is a necessity.

Nick has visited several agility trials with his foster mom and has received many compliments on his wonderful manners. And this all comes naturally to him! He has shown no sound sensitivity even to gunshots in the area. He is crate trained and loves car rides.

He has not shown much interest in toys yet but will probably learn to play with them with some help. He does carry around the deflated soccer ball in the yard so it seems likely, with some interactive play, that he will be as enthusiastic about playing as he is about any other interaction.

He showed some interest when he was briefly introduced to sheep but it appears he has never seen any type of livestock before. When they were moving he showed a bit of heading instinct so with exposure he may be able to do some herding work. Like every other new experience he was cheerful, interested in what was going on and listened well around the livestock.

There is no question about his food motivation! It appears that he was taught to sit and down for food at a young age. He will work for anyone for a treat! He also has a good off switch and settles nicely when he's had enough exercise. Because he is comfortable in the house he was probably raised inside as a young puppy. However, he has zero idea of house manners and will require careful supervision initially.

Nick's only downside is that he will pee when he's excited. He has stopped doing this with his foster mom but will often pee when greeting strangers. Because of this behavior he will only be adopted to an experienced dog person who understands how to work through this behavior.

If you're interested in an active, enthusiastic working partner please contact Nick's foster mom, Karin, at 540-272-0470 or email All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Nick's adoption fee is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

Applications are closed for Nick.





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