2019 Max01

BREED: Australian Cattle Dog mix
GENDER: Neutered Male
DOB: 2015
WEIGHT: 35 lbs
COAT: Short
COLOR: Red and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion
LOCATION: Blacksburg, VA

Meet Max!

Are you looking for a cool dog to play frisbee with? Check out this video of Max's first frisbee lesson! CLICK HERE

Little Max was found as a stray before Christmas. He was dirty and covered in small scabs, and the collar that he was wearing was so tight that it had caused some sores on his neck and had to be cut off. Max was very scared in the shelter, and spent the whole time with his tail tucked between his legs, trying not to be noticed or picked on by anyone. He was so sweet and so sad that his foster mom thought he looked like the little dog from The Grinch, which is why she's calling him Max.

Max was pretty shut down when he first left the shelter, and he panicked about things like going through doors/doorways, getting in cars, and having his leash put on. But he's been remarkably brave and is quickly learning these day-to-day life skills. He now knows that the leash means going somewhere with his foster mom, so he stands patiently by the door while she puts it on. And with the help of some doggy stairs, he now gets in and out of his foster mom's SUV all by himself! His transformation in such a short time is truly remarkable, and it looks like he'll quickly learn and adjust to a new home and routine.

Max looooves gentle scratches and attention, and is very sweet about asking for love. He is still wary of being picked up, but his foster mom thinks that he'll be less wary and more cuddly after he develops more trust. He just needs a patient person to show him that cuddling can be on his terms. Similarly, Max is starting to learn to take treats from his foster mom's hand (he's very gentle!), but he still prefers the treats to be dropped on the ground for him. Since taking treats still involves a lot of pressure for him, he'll need some time to get comfortable with a new person before working on things like sit, down, and other tricks. That being said, he already does an adorable trick where he stands on his hind legs like a dancing bear when the hotdogs come out!

In the meantime, Max already has great manners during day-to-day life activities. He goes in his kennel for meals and has been sleeping in his kennel at night, and he mostly does kennel time without making a fuss. He especially enjoys kennel time with a bone! He doesn't pull on his leash at all, and mostly walks right behind his foster mom's left leg, like a little shadow. Most remarkably, Max is already housebroken! He might have a few accidents while learning how to ask to go out at a new place, but that could happen to any dog. Overall, he's a gentle, sweet little man who is pretty easy to handle.

However, Max IS still a herding dog! Our best guess is that he's a five-year-old ACD mix. He's the most mellow ACD his foster mom has ever met, but he still needs frequent walks to be happy, and he would not be a good fit for a family with young kids, because he gets pretty excited about play time. He has walked past several kids out on walks and completely ignored them, but inside play can be different.

Max has been amazingly chill about living with his foster brother, who is a bossy Aussie, and has been great with several other dogs during long walks and quick meetings. He could do well with a patient new sibling dog who could help continue teaching Max how to be a happy, confident doggo. But his foster mom also suspects that he'd love to be the only dog in the house, soaking up all the human attention. He has not been tested with cats.

Max went straight to the vet after getting bailed from doggy jail, and he received all of his vaccinations. He was heartworm negative, but Lyme disease positive, so he has been on daily medicine for his Lyme disease. If we caught it early enough, 30 days of the medicine will eliminate the pathogen from his system. He'll needed to be tested again in two months to see if it worked. If the Lyme isn't fully eradicated, Max's forever owner will need to commit to putting him back on the medicine if and when the Lyme symptoms re-occur. As long as he has that medicine, he'll live a long, healthy life.

Max is scheduled to be neutered on January 3rd, and after recovering, he'll be ready to go to his forever home. In the meantime, he's eager to meet his new forever family! If you think this sweet boy is the right dog for you, please fill out an application and contact his foster mom, Skylar, at skylar.hopkins@vt.edu. Max's adoption fee through Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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