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NAME: Roxy
BREED: Border Collie (mix?)
GENDER:  Female
DOB: July 2019 (est)
WEIGHT: 25 lbs at 4 mos.
COAT: Rough
COLOR: Black and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Very Active, Sport Competitor 
LOCATION: Christiansburg, VA

Meet Roxy!

"Roxy" - the name provided by her previous owners - is about 4 months old, 25 pounds. Her previous owner stated that Roxy was "too high energy" so now Roxy is in foster care. The previous owner said that Roxy is a border collie mix though she looks and acts pretty darned full BC.

She is indeed high energy but she is also has a terrific temperament. Extremely sweet and loving, excellent recall, great in a crate, good with my dogs, very interested in but obedient around the cat. She is also very smart and learns really quickly. Like a lot of BCs, she is sensitive and responds well to training and redirection, but would cower if treated harshly - even verbally. We are working on house training and she is making progress. She does sleep quietly in her crate by my bed all night, each night. She is not very good on a leash yet - she wants to RUN!. And like a lot of puppies she was allowed to jump on people, so we are working on that too. But these are the only obvious puppy training needs I have seen. I have fostered at least a dozen puppies and this one will be a real gem in the right home.

Roxy will require a lot of exercise and interaction, but I think with her willing nature and strong drive, she could be excellent in sports. She should get a lot of stimulation and I think she will be a wonderful dog. I advise against leaving her crated and alone for long periods - she needs exercise. Since she jumps up to be petted (again, we are working on that), she may not be good in a home with very small children. I also advise that the owner be familiar with raising puppies and with dealing with high energy herding breeds.

She is a rough coat and will probably grow up to be about 45 pounds with a lovely coat that requires brushing.

Roxy is up to date on vaccinations and is on heartworm preventative. She is too young to be spayed at 4 months, so we would require a Spay Agreement along with her Adoption Contract. Roxy's adoption fee is $300, plus a $150 deposit to accompany the Spay Agreement which would be refunded upon veterinary proof of her spay. BRBCR's approval process includes a home visit and a 2-week trial period prior to final approval.

If you are interested in Roxy, please contact her foster mom, Jeannine, at jeverhart123@gmail.com for more information about this energetic cutie. To start the adoption process, please fill out an application.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

Roxy's adoption is pending.

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