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NAME: Mickey
BREED: 3/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Lab
GENDER: Neutered Male
DOB: 2013
WEIGHT: 60 lbs
COAT: Smooth/short
COLOR: Black and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion
LOCATION: Farmville, VA

Meet Mickey (aka "Mickey Moose")!

Look at those eyes!! This sweet boy needs a home!!

Mickey and his sister, Maggie Mae,were surrendered to BRBCR because their owners are dealing with health issues and are selling their farm. Maggie and Mickey have spent their entire lives enjoying considerable freedom on a lovely, historic estate. They have mostly been outside dogs, but have always slept in crates in the house at night. They have had good health care their entire lives.

Mickey is a good, sweet boy. He knows sit, stay, down, and (usually) comes when called. He sometimes joined his sister in getting into mischief off his property, so a fenced yard is highly recommended.

When Mickey was 5 months old, he was brutally attacked by an adult male, so he may always have some issues. He is very good with cats and female dogs. However, he can be reactive towards other male dogs and needs to be introduced gradually to other male dogs. He would not be a good candidate for trips to the dog park or walking in public areas where he might meet strange male dogs. He is fine with the other boy dogs at his foster home now that he knows them, but should go to a home where he is the only male.

Mickey also suffered an injury to his tail as a youngster and, as a result, can be a bit apprehensive about being touched "back there". He is much more tolerant after building trust. He has no resource guarding issues. Mickey has never snapped, only given a low, warning growl, but would probably be better off in a home without young children.

He does not show any interest in toys or fetch games. However, Mickey promises to be a very loyal, loving and devoted companion.

UPDATE: October 27

Mickey has become a model foster dog, one of the easiest that has ever been here.

While still wary and somewhat defensive around strange dogs, he gets along well with all of his foster brothers and sisters. He loves to run and play with the girl dogs, and ignores the boy dogs.

He is extremely good around cats, including two rambunctious kittens.

He totally ignores the chickens and guineas, and has been no problem around the sheep or horse.

He has earned full, unsupervised yard privileges.

Mickey has full run of the basement at night, along with three girl dogs and several cats. He has not made any problems or had any accidents.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

Mickey's adoption is pending.

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