Success Otis
Adopted October 17, 2015

"I have owned Aussies for years and was the Metro Atlanta Aussie rescue coordinator from 2005-2012. I love Aussies but we had decided that as our current herd thinned due to old age, we would become 1 dog people. I wanted a dog with a more serious work ethic that I could train in herding, therapy and disc. I saw Solo on a friend's Facebook page, and was immediately drawn to him. I needed a dog that has a good bit of energy, but that also could chill out in the house.

We traveled to VA in October of 2015 from GA after being approved through BRBCR. Solo, renamed Otis, has been the perfect fit for our family. He is an amazing active companion but also an expert snuggle bunny when it's time to watch a movie or just chill out. He has come so far from the shy, little pup that we rescued a few short months ago and we are looking forward to all of the wonderful journeys he will take with us. We couldn't have chosen a better fit for our family. He is my dream dog."
-- Rachel Eley

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