Success Molly
Adopted October 25, 2005

"I am so sad to say that Jane/Molly passed away three weeks ago. She had just turned 10 years old. She was still very energetic, most people thought she was a puppy. Just a few weeks before she passed, my granddaughter, Lexi, Molly and I were running races around the yard. She so looked forward to meeting Lexi at the door in the morning to play tug of war and jumping up to get a tennis ball. She looked forward to her walks with my husband and I. Molly was so sweet, protecting, and a member of our family who we loved so much. She brought so much fun and joy to our home. We are so lost without her. We are thankful to Sylvia King for fostering Molly so that we could spend 10 great years together."
-- Marcia Shepherd

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