Success DonnaAndJosie
Adopted September 2014

"I adopted "Ruby" from your rescue last September. Her new name is Josie. I wanted to say "thank you" for such a wonderful dog. After almost a year of training, Josie and I just completed our final evaluation to become a therapy team with K-Pets, an animal assisted therapy organization here in Pennsylvania. She is doing a beautiful job; she is such a gentle and sensitive soul.

This has been a dream of mine for many years. I waited and searched for just the right dog, with the right temperament to do therapy work. Josie is perfect for the job. She loves it. She is a very cherished member of my family, and I hope that the two of us will have many years together.

Thank you for the rescue work you do, and specifically, I thank you for rescuing Josie. Not only do I benefit from knowing her, but many other people will as well. She has already touched the lives of some individuals with dementia and one woman in hospice. She is a special dog.

I know that rescue work can be tiring and thankless, at times. I just wanted you to hear a happy ending, and a great big, "thank you" from a grateful adopter. "
-- Donna Erdman

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