Success Starla
Adopted October 2012

"I had been looking for my own dog for graduation. I was currently active with flyball and got an email with a picture of Anyss, now known as Starla. I filed an adoption form ASAP and got to meet this sweet girl. It was love at first sight. Starla learned the whole game of flyball in 6 months and competed at a year old in Georgia. She passed her CGC at a year old, too. Since then I have trained her to be my service dog, and people are shocked when I tell them she is a rescue. She was adopted at 6 months, and is now 3 years old. She has been with me through happy and sad times. To this day, she follows me everywhere and if I am upset, she will get in my lap and give me a hug. She now has two sisters, Aura a sheltie and Solara a border collie. Her titles are CGC, FD (Flyball Dog), FDX (Flyball Dog Excellence), and FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion)."
-- Kathleen R. Garland

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