Adopted March 1, 2003

"We adopted Lucy from BRBCR when she was just a little 12 week old puppy. It was fate that she entered our lives. I was looking for another Border Collie to keep our male dog company and we wanted a female B.C. I was looking locally for a dog that someone might be giving up and happen to come across an ad in The Valley Trader that someone was giving away 7 Border Collie mix puppies for free. I contacted the # and was told by the dog owner that the dogs were just taken to the nearby dog shelter in Luray, Va. I was so sad to hear that! I then contacted BRBCR and was searching the website when I came across the listing that BRBCR just adopted 7 puppies from the same shelter! What are the chances! I found out they were the same puppies I was interested in! That\'s when I knew Lucy was meant for us and we were meant for her! She came into our family on 3/1/03 and the next day I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child! She has adjusted beautifully as you can see! Thank you BRBCR!"
-- Sandra Stickovitch

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