Adopted March 30, 2005

"Shep is now known as the 'dream dog,' loved by family, friends neighbors, and a tail wagging greeter to other dogs, and people he meets. A fellow dog owner explained that when encouraging his neighbors to keep their recently adopted resuce dog, he invoked Shep as an example of how great these dogs could become. We adopted 'Shy Shep' from BRBCR back in 2005, where he was being fostered by Emily (and with his mother, brother and his two puppies, the cutest I have ever seen). He was so timid for the first year that he was spooked of almost everything: rustling plastic bags, funny looking pugs, any stranger,or any loud noise. What a difference a few years make, and what a fantastic dog he has become! We have since moved to Minnesota, and this southern boy LOVES the snow. Thanks again BRBCR and Emily for helping us find this great companion."
-- Elizabeth Wilson-Jackson

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