Adopted January 2006

"My husband and I adopted Ben a little over 2 years ago. The moment we saw him we knew he was the dog for us and it has been a true pleasure to have him in our lives. Ben is very smart, fun and great with our cats! I think sometimes he forgets he is a border collie though, as he can be quite lazy!! We love him and are very glad we found BRBCR.
-- Sybil McDowell


"I am sad to say that Ben passed away last week. He fought cancer for the last few months and was tough up to the end. We will miss him so much but are very grateful to have shared his life. We didn't have children when we adopted him, but now have twin boys. Ben was their protector and friend. What a wonderful and gentle dog he was! Ben will be in our hearts forever."
-- Sybil McDowell

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