Adopted November 10, 2007

"I adopted Gina, who is now Mia, November of last year. She has grown to be such a wonderful, loving, sweet companion for me. She is still really shy around new people (especially men) but she warms up to them if she has to once she gains their trust. She sleeps under the covers with me every night and lays next to me when I'm sitting down and walks next to me when I'm walking around. She is very dedicated to making me happy and I am extremely dedicated to making her life a better one than whatever she had before. She wags her tail constantly now and is more confident than she was when I first got her. I'm pretty sure she understands English and I've had to learn how to become smarter than her! Thank you Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue for giving me the most wonderful dog I could ever possibly find!!!!"
-- Amanda Kirkendall

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