Adopted November 24, 2006

"We adopted Mickey the day after Thanksgiving two years ago. Now Mickey is almost 3 years old and has no idea that he's a dog... he's one of the family. He loves to snuggle on the couch and the rope toy is his favorite. He's a very smart dog who knows all of his toys by name. He is so well behaved that my parents ended up getting a dog of their own, so now Mickey has a friend to go and visit. When we go to see my in-laws, Mick gets so excited because he knows he's about to have all the room in the world to run and play and check out where the deer have been. He may not have turned out to be a border collie as thought, but he has turned out to be a wonderful source of joy in our lives. Thank you Sylvia and BRBCR!"
-- Kelly Miller

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