Adopted March 3, 2009

"We wanted to send you a note to let you know that Jax is really doing well with us. He has fit right into our family. In fact it feels like he's been with us forever (even though it's only been about three weeks). He is truly a sweet and loving dog. He loves attention from people and is very affectionate. Whenever Bill is in the house he stays very close to him. He hangs out in the office while he is doing his work. He also likes to ride in the car and is a great companion.

We go for long walks at least twice a day (and usually three times) and he loves to run loose on the golf course next to our house. He really takes off after the squirrels – he's one fast dog! Hopefully he never catches one. When the Canada Geese show up we'll see if he can chase them off the golf course. If he can he'll be a real hero to the golfers. Jax really minds well and is pretty obedient off the leash. Sometimes he gets distracted and doesn't come right away but we're working on that.

We took him to our vet last week and he got his rabies booster and the vet really liked him. We get compliments from everyone on how "beautiful that dog is". He really is a good looking boy.

Thank you so much for your help bringing Jax into our lives."

Best Regards,
Bill & Winnie McGill

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