Adopted May 18, 2009

"Hi there! Rhyan is doing just great! As a matter of fact we just finished giving him an bath. He loves water and loves to get wet, including mud puddles. So he needed a good wash down after the rains we've had in the last week. We bought him a big plastic kiddie pool to play in and it serves double duty as a wash tub. He and Fanny a getting along just fine. She loves having a little brother around. He loves to play fetch in the rec room. Although keeping his attention outside to play fetch is a bit more difficult, too many squirrels to chase! He thinks that anything that moves up in the trees is a squirrel, even at night. He and the cats have come to accept each other and they know not to run downstairs where he is, so no chase issues have arisen. We did have to put up a baby gate in the rec room hallway to keep him from raiding the cat box that is down there. He loves to ride in the truck and has had a blast going for ice cream several times as well as other places. He is the sweetest boy and loves to come put his chin in my lap to get petted and have his ears scratched. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn't have wished for anything better than Rhyan! Thank you, Sylvia!"
-- S Sinx

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