Adopted 2005

Westley is not only Gill's first agility competition dog but her first dog period. He is a rescue from Virginia where Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue saved him from a local kill shelter. We often joke that West is 3.5 years old going on 150! He is funny and quirky an atypical BC who hates exercise, most toys, and water. His happy place is his crate alone without all the activity of his brothers or lying on the old ottoman from Jeni\'s couch. If he were human his favored activity would likely be doing the Sunday NY Times crossword and drinking a nice shot of single malt scotch.

West has just finished his third competition season. Our first year on the circuit was good to us. He earned many titles, and progressed smartly through the levels. But he was not getting any faster and at the end of the season when it got hotter we were having trouble making time. So we started swimming him 4 times a week and he lost the extra weight and got some muscle tone and during seasons two and three, he was not just making times, but he was winning classes! He is really starting to enjoy the game!

West has now retired from NADAC after earning his Elite Versatility 1 25 2009. He did not Q it by much, but that last Weavers title marked his 21st NADAC title bringing his total up to 42 titles total. He is also the 7 BC in Hoopers in NADAC nationally.

We might not get there first but just keep a weathered eye out, we are always on the horizon blowing steadily ahead.
-- Gill Chapman

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