Adopted July 2009

"I adopted Skylar from Sylvia around July 2009, who I must thank for all the help, advice and time she has given the both of us! As a Preceptor at the WCV, I visited often to help socialize the couple groups of puppies that had just arrived while I was there, and this one particular fluffy little puppy decided to escape the pen during a photo-shoot and get lost in the nearby cornfield for a few days. After a variety of searches involving 4-wheelers and chases on foot, Dan helped catch the escapee with a live-trap. And, it wasn't too long after that which I fell in love with the quick little pup.
With Sylvia's help and advice in training, we began on a long and challenging first year of getting him over a great deal of skittish and difficult behaviors, and even though he still has quite a few challenges before him, we have made leaps and bounds together. After many, many classes from manners to agility, and plenty of for-fun training at home, I've never felt closer to a dog in my life. He is my best friend, and a perfect match in every possible way.
I recently began veterinary school, and he has fit in perfectly with this entirely new way of life. When we can't go out for a hike or play agility in the fields next door, he is the perfect study buddy- perfectly content to chill out beside me. He is quick to remind me when it is "Sky-time" though, as he begins piling his toys on my back while I'm reading, or continually nose-bumps me with Sky-kisses until I'm ready to play again.
Although we may never come to the point where we compete in agility, it is certainly a wonderful hobby. He's my first bc, and is such a loving, sweet and often-times goofy troublemaker. I can't imagine what I did before I met him! He keeps me smiling. Thank you Sylvia, and BRBCR, for bringing Sky into my life"
-- Melanie Tarosky

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