Adopted April 11, 2002

"Hello! I thought you might like to hear a long-term success story with long-term positive affects.

We adopted Meg in April 2002 after she was found in a junk yard. We have never understood how anyone could discard her that way because she is a sweet, smart and loving dog. She has been a wonderful and valued part of our family!

In 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer. While I was recovering Meg was my constant companion, never leaving my side unless she was forced to! She gave me such comfort and unconditional love...I wondered about her being a therapy dog to share that with others.

When we moved to Texas in 2006 I found a therapy dog organization and she was certified within 6 weeks. We have worked with special needs adults and became part of a reading program in the San Antonio city schools where many children have poor reading skills and are at risk of failing. When they read to the dogs over a period of time their test scores are remarkably improved. Meg and I have helped many children become much better readers... a skill they will use their entire lives. Thank you again for helping us locate a beloved member of our family."

Kind regards,
-- Michelle Kobell

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