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NAME: Gael
BREED: Border Collie
GENDER: Spayed Female
DOB: Oct. 19, 2017
WEIGHT: 38 lbs
COAT: Smooth (easy to care for)
COLOR: Black and White with a touch of Brown
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion
LOCATION: Grottoes, VA

Meet Gael!

This sweet, pretty girl has a story to tell. She was sold as a pup, but her owner came down with a terminal illness, so Gael didn't get a lot of socialization her first 18 months. Luckily, she's is well bred, so she's progressed fast and has become very friendly with people. She loves toys...especially a tennis ball. She's smart, a fast learner, and adjusts to new situations.

Gael is a very loving dog. She loves to be loved on. When she's loose in the house, she will pace until she has something to do. Toys to play with, a bone to chew, or someone petting her. Other times, she goes in her safe place(crate) to lay down.

Gael is easy to walk on a leash, but sometimes spooks if she hears a loud noise. For example, she spooked when her foster mom opened the garage door. But once she's heard it a couple of times, she no longer afraid of it. She recovers fast from things she hasn't been exposed to.

Gael needs a fenced yard! Gael loves to run and will run big circles around the other dogs when they are playing. She gets along well with all dogs. She really loves to have a younger dog to play with. She's very gentle when playing. Gael will normally come running when called by her foster mom, but not 100% of the time. Another reason to have a fenced yard for her. Bring some hot dogs and that will change her mind.

Gael still has some stress issues. She does not like thunderstorms! Her foster mom puts her in her crate, which is Gael's "safe" place. Then has a radio playing beside her and closes the window blinds. Gael will settle until she hears thunder, then she digs in her crate. If Gael is left alone in a fenced yard and storm comes along, she will dig a hole near the door to get in the house.

Gael has not had any accidents in her foster home or in the crate where she sleeps at night. She rides well in a crate in a car.

Gael is up to date on shots, spayed, on heartworm preventative, microchipped, and on flea & tick preventative.

For more info about Gael, please contact Sylvia at   All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Gael's adoption fee is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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