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2019 Puppy2Karin01

NAME: Puppies
BREED: Border Collie mix
DOB: November 17, 2018
WEIGHT: 23 and 24 lbs
COAT: Rough
COLOR: Black and White
LOCATION: Stevensburg, VA

Meet Puppies!

These guys are super cute, fuzzy, playful and friendly! Their original owner says they're Border Collie/Cattle Dog mixes but it looks like someone else may have snuck in. Because of their size and activity level they will do best in a home with older children.

They're doing very well with their housebreaking and crate training. So far they have slept through the night (11 PM-7 AM) and are now used to being crated separately at night.

Their first vet visit was great, everyone fell in love with them! They've had their first distemper/parvo shot and their rabies shot so they're ready to go to their new homes..

Thank you for considering a rescue!

The puppies' adoption is pending.

2019 Puppy2Karin02

2019 Puppy2Karin03

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