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2019 PuppyRaphael01

NAME: Raphael
BREED: Border Collie mix
DOB: November 17, 2018
WEIGHT: 22 lbs
COAT: Smooth
COLOR: Black and Tan
LOCATION: Richmond, VA

Meet Raphael!

Raphael was from a litter of seven brought into the rescue together. The border collie in the background of one image is said to be the dad and the black and tan one is said to be the mom. I am somewhat questioning these origins only because these puppies are big and solid. Both Leo and Raffie are being fostered together. They are very sweet with people and love pets. They get along with the two male border collies at their foster home.

They have a voracious appetite and are fairly strong already. They will need training early since it seems they will be on the large size as adults. They ride well in the car and are adjusting to being left in their crate at night. After a small crying session they settle down for the the night.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

Raffie's adoption is pending.

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