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2018 A-P

NAME: Moses
BREED: Border Collie mix
GENDER: Neutered Male
DOB: 2015
WEIGHT: 52 lbs
COAT: Short / Smooth
COLOR: Black and White
LOCATION: Grottoes, VA


This flashy boy is 100% companion dog. Moses is a happy go lucky - loyal type dog that wants to be someone's buddy. He's what we call a "heart" dog - he will love you with all his soul.

Moses' favorite thing is to be with you, go where you go, and he'll lay down beside you when you stop to chat with a friend or decide you want to sit for a cup of coffee. He loves to be pet, but doesn't demand it. He will sit for a treat and take it gently or you can toss it in the air for him to catch. Moses likes riding in a car - if that's where you're going. He likes laying on the front porch to watch the world go by - if that's what you're doing. Moses likes to go for walks and doesn't pull - unless he sees a car go by. He needs some work on that.

Moses has been very friendly with everyone he has met. He wags his tail and walks up to new people. He's not a jumper, which is nice since he's larger than most male border collies. Moses has been around some other dogs. He is good with older dogs, submissive dogs, female dogs, but he will definitely posture when there's an unneutered male dog around. A quick tug on his leash and he will go onward with you on his walk.

As you can see from his pictures, Moses is a ham for the camera. Actually, he's all about the treats. Pull out some treats and he'll gladly pose. If you want him to go some where like in his crate - toss a treat in his crate and he walks right in. Click Here to see a video of this handsome guy!

We did test Moses around cats. He seemed very interested in them. He would definitely need some Cat 101 lessons with a dog savvy cat if he's going to be around them.

Moses is up to date on shots, neutered, and tested negative for heartworms.

We did a tick disease test on him and it came back positive for lyme and anaplasma. Both require a 28-day round of the same antibiotic, which he has already started. He showed no signs of having either, so we're glad we caught this early. We are seeing more and more dogs in this area test positive for tick diseases, so be sure to keep your pets on both heartworm preventative and flea & tick preventative. Ask your vet what he/she recommends.

All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Moses' adoption fee is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

Moses' adoption is pending.

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