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2018 Joey01

NAME: Joey
BREED: Border Collie mix
GENDER: Neutered Male
DOB: June 2017
WEIGHT: 40 lbs
COAT: Smooth coat - easy to care for short hair
COLOR: Tri-color
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion
LOCATION: Stevensburg, VA

Meet Joey!

This sweet lover boy will win your heart with his loving nature. He's sweet, active, loves everyone, fun to have around and very handsome!! He thrives on human companionship. He'll make you a wonderful pet. We have listed him as being a year old. He may be a little younger since he often acts like a puppy.

Joey always starts his day with a happy tail/body wag, which is a great way to start your day when you see him oh-so-happy to see you. Click here to see a video of Joey. He follows his foster mom outside, does his business, then comes running inside to have his breakfast. He loves food! He's actually a pretty smart boy and learns things fast for treats, or in exchange for his breakfast. He knows sit, down, go in your kennel, and "don't jump on your foster mom!!" He also rides well in a car. Joey's been tested on some agility equipment and has no fear. He's willing to try new things and has no problem with noises... or thunderstorms. (There's been a lot of those lately!)  He's going to be a happy-go-lucky type of dog that will just go along with whatever you want to do with him. Walks..hiking..laying around the house (he's still a puppy, so watch him...he likes to steal shoes).

Joey has lots of dog buddies here at his foster home. He loves to play & he loves other dogs, but loves people best. He is a gentleman and doesn't take toys from other dogs. He follows his buddies around and does what they do. If they run in circles, he'll run in circles. Joey would love to have a yard to romp in and a buddy to play with. He's not quite as crazy as most young border collies. He does still have his puppy energy, but he calms down fast, after his romps. Joey also enjoys being walked. He'd be a good dog to take to a dog park, too.

Joey has loved everyone he's met here. He hasn't been introduced to cats, but I'm sure they would teach him fast who's boss. Joey doesn't show any signs of herding or nipping like typical pure border collies, which will make him a very nice pet.

Joey came in as a stray to the Scott County Animal Shelter. He has been vetted, neutered, dewormed, snap 4 tested (negative), and up dated on his shots.

To start the adoption process, please fill out an application and then contact his foster mom, Karin at All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Joey's adoption fee is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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