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2018 A-P

NAME: Apache
BREED: Border Collie
GENDER: Neutered Male
DOB: 2015
WEIGHT: 40 lbs
COAT: Medium
COLOR: Black with White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion


Apache is a sweet little border collie mix with a large personality. These pictures do not do him justice. He is a beautiful little dog with a thick silky coat. Apache is estimated to be about 3 years old. He is mostly black with a white chest, two white front paws, two white toes on his back paws and a white tip on his tail. He is stocky in build and is currently at a good healthy weight at 40lbs. He is neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on all of his shots.

Apache is a medium energy dog, but he still needs to stretch his legs. He loves walks, hikes and to hang out in the yard regardless of the weather. He loves toys and will fetch a toy only to take it for a lap around the yard ending in a flip onto his back. He would love a home with a fenced yard or a gate deck or porch where he could survey his domain. He loves car rides and will jump in any time the car door is open.

Apache would love to be the center of his person's attention. He loves to curl up next to his human for pets. He will wag his tail in response to a kind word or affection. So far he shows really good house manners. He is currently crated when his foster mom is out but enjoys the run of the house and yard the rest of the time.

Apache gets along with his border collie foster brother. He does not care to share his person, but does not try to stop it. He has not been tested with cats but does appear to get a little too excited about in the stray cats and other small animals outside of his yard. Due to his tendency to be mouthy when excited, Apache would not be recommended for a family with small children.

All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Apache's adoption fee is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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