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2018 A-P

NAME: Callie
BREED: Border Collie
GENDER: Spayed Female
DOB: 2017
WEIGHT: 35 lbs
COAT: Medium
COLOR: Black and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion
LOCATION: Front Royal, VA


Callie is a spunky girl with a silly personality. Her entire body wiggles when excited. She gives the best snuggles; she almost hugs you with her body, pressing herself into the contours of your neck and arms. She's petite so she fits well in your lap. She has a playful run when she's goofing off that reminds me of a horse's canter, rocking between her front and back feet. She is also very fast! She loves belly rubs and chasing the resident dogs around.

She is timid with new people and situations. This shy girl was dropped off at a shelter for unknown reasons and was pretty scared when arriving at her first foster home. After a week of decompression she came to stay with us and adapted very quickly. Within the first day she was voluntarily coming over to us for attention. We started slowly and allowed her to tell us when she was comfortable; it didn't take long. There's been little evidence of shyness with us since that first day but she does take her time with new people. She's never shown any aggression, and keeps her distance at first. Once comfortable, she is a complete love. She will require a patient person or family willing to help her gain confidence through slow introductions and exposure to safe new situations.

Her dog socialization skills are great. We have two playful dogs and one that likes his space. She has been appropriate with both, playing with the ones that welcome it and respectful of the grump. She respects the fence at our house but does try to dart through doors and gates behind us so an adopter will need to train her to wait until given the 'okay' command to pass through and be mindful of this at first.

She settles nicely inside, picking a spot to lay down where she can watch us. We've had her in a crate at mealtimes and during the night. Although she makes me chase her for a brief second when it's time to go in, she goes in easily when led by the collar and is very quiet throughout the night. She is food motivated so training should be pretty straightforward. She has picked up on the commands 'sit' and 'ground' quickly, but her excitement still gets the best of her on occasion. She walks well on a leash but due to her skittish nature I haven't worked with her off leash and I would caution an adopter from doing so outside a fenced area. We live in a rural area and haven't worked with her in crowds or along busy streets. She was carsick when she arrived so I'm not sure how much time she has spent in a car.

We really love this girl. She is incredibly sweet and will make a great addition to someone's home. She will probably be shy when you first meet her but once the trial period begins I believe she'll quickly show her true personality.

01/31/2018:  Callie's adoption is currently pending.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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