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NAME: Ricky
BREED: Border Collie/Husky mix
DOB: Jan. 2015
COAT: Rough
COLOR: Black and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion

Meet Ricky!

Ricky is a happy, healthy, bouncy Border Collie/Husky mix. He loves to run and play and is especially fond of a tennis ball. Ricky is very sweet and appropriate with people that he meets. His favorite move is to sneak up from behind and appear between your legs, looking up at you for love and petting. He also has very good body language with other dogs, but has a confident personality, like a Husky - so he would do best with a packmate that enjoys his confident play style.

Ricky is neutered and heartworm negative and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm medication. Ricky appears to be a smooth coat because someone shaved him, but is really a semi-rough coat (no undercoat like a Husky). If you look at his ruff, and his "pants" you can see the real length of his fur.

Ricky does love to howl, but only when you leave the house, and probably only once a day. Ricky needs a tall fenced area to run and play in. He loves being with people, though, and would choose to come inside over being outside by himself.

Ricky has been crate-trained and is now enrolled in the Board & Train program at Teamworks Dog Training in Raleigh, NC for basic manners training. See

You can follow his training blog at

There are also videos of his training sessions available for you to watch.

To start the adoption process, please fill out an application and then contact his foster mom, Michele at All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Ricky's adoption fee is $300, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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