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NAME: Nico
BREED: Border Collie mix
DOB: March 2017
COAT: Smooth
COLOR: Tri-color
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion
LOCATION: Amelia Court House, VA

Meet Nico!

Nico is from the same litter of four born on an Amish farm in rural Virginia (two girls, two boys.) Nico and his brother were brought into the rescue at the same time when the Amish couple decided to look for homes for the remaining puppies, a week after the girl puppies were initially found hiding at a neighboring farm.

The mother dog looks to be a traditional, smooth coat black and white Border Collie in the 25-30 pound range. The father is rumored to be a Blue Heeler. Nico is larger than the girl puppies but the smaller of the two boys. His markings show the father's influence.

The boys are calmer than the girls although it's relative. They are all active, high energy puppies. Nico is the more timid of the bunch although he is starting to come out of it the longer he is at his foster's home. For the first few days he liked to stick right by the foster's feet while the rest of the dogs ran around playing in the yard. He has begun to play more with his siblings and snuggles with his brother in the crate at night. He makes a funny wheezy, whimpering noise when you hold him but hugs your arm while doing it. We have decided it's a cooing noise. This one has a really sweet disposition.

All the puppies are mostly potty trained if taken out for bathroom breaks regularly and restricted to a crate when not being directly watched. He is still learning to walk well on a leash but settles down to sleep when riding in a crate in the car. Nico sleeps quietly throughout the night until the sun comes up as long as he is given plenty of exercise during the day. They have received their first round of vaccinations. (Pictures of the siblings have been included for reference.)

To start the adoption process, please fill out an application and then contact Allison at All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Nico's adoption fee is $300, plus a spay/neuter deposit of $150 (to be refunded upon veterinary proof of neuter), and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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