Success Stories

Adopted 2005

Westley is not only Gill's first agility competition dog but her first dog period. He is a rescue from Virginia where Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue saved him from a local kill shelter. We often joke that West is 3.5 years old going on 150! He is funny and quirky an atypical BC who hates exercise, most toys, and water. His happy place is his crate alone without all the activity of his brothers or lying on the old ottoman from Jeni\'s couch. If he were human his favored activity would likely be doing the Sunday NY Times crossword and drinking a nice shot of single malt scotch.

West has just finished his third competition season. Our first year on the circuit was good to us. He earned many titles, and progressed smartly through the levels. But he was not getting any faster and at the end of the season when it got hotter we were having trouble making time. So we started swimming him 4 times a week and he lost the extra weight and got some muscle tone and during seasons two and three, he was not just making times, but he was winning classes! He is really starting to enjoy the game!

West has now retired from NADAC after earning his Elite Versatility 1 25 2009. He did not Q it by much, but that last Weavers title marked his 21st NADAC title bringing his total up to 42 titles total. He is also the 7 BC in Hoopers in NADAC nationally.

We might not get there first but just keep a weathered eye out, we are always on the horizon blowing steadily ahead.
-- Gill Chapman

Adopted March 15, 2004

"We adopted Lexi from Sandy Wright with BRBCR and from the minute I saw her at Sandy's I knew she was the dog for us! She is a SWEET gentle border collie that loves to play but is calm indoors, perfect combination. She is great with my older dog and two young children. We have since adopted another young border collie from our local spca and they quickly became best friends. We have had several border collies, Lexi is the sweetest ever, and she has had some stiff competition!!

Thanks for all you do, BRBCR!"
-- Karen Flikeid

Adopted October 2004

"Just an update on Misty - adopted from Sandra Wright in 04. Misty is fantastic and has a companion, a Katrina rescue, of all things, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff named Pogo. They are fast friends and love each other. We have a house at the beach in NC and Misty has learned to like walks even in the water (she admonished us that she was NOT a retriever the first time she saw the ocean!) and is a great traveler, sings with my husband, will do anything for a treat and will eventually hunt down every squirrel in our 2-acre yard. Thanks again, BRBCR and Sandra!!!"
-- Karen Widmayer

Adopted 2004

"Pixel was surrendered as Sammie to BRBCR in 2004 at the age of 4. Sue Weiss contacted me about her sport potential, and I came down to visit. We saw that she was somewhat intense, but little did we know back then just how obsessive/compulsive she really was! Training her was easy but getting her attention first was definitely not! Still, her heart is so big that she managed to overcome this mental disability and in Sept 2008 became a USDAA Agility Dog Champion!!

I am so very proud of my now 8 year old girl, Res-Q's Pixelated Panic! Would not have missed a minute of the journey, and looking forward to many more happy miles with this silly BC!
-- Devora Locke

Adopted August 15, 2004

"It has been almost 2 years since Radar joined the Family. And has he ever.He fell in love with his big brother, Kayak a 14 yr old Alaskan Malamute and Kady a 7 yr old All American right from the start. They love him too.There is never a dull moment with these three. He is such a fun little guy, very loving and is spoiled rotten.
He has done very well in Agility these past 10 months. In AKC he is in Excellent A in Standard and Jumpers with Weaves. Only needs one more Q in Standard for his AX. In USDAA needs one more Q in Starters Standard for his Agility Dog title. All other classes are in the Advanced level.In Advanced Pairs and Snooker needs one more Q then on to Masters ! He loves Agility.
I want to Thank BRBCR for such a wonderful organization. I wish to particularly express my gratitude to Sylvia King, Carolyn Shelbourne and Emily Adham for getting my baby to me. They made the Adoption Process go quickly and efficiently. THANK YOU
-- Jo Ellen Emswiler

Adopted December 5, 2004

"Well, Buggs has been part of our family for a little over a year. We feel like he has been with us forever. Every aspect of our adoption story has been a positive one. We still stay in contact with Buggs foster parents, Dan and Sylvia King, we like to keep them updated on his progress. Our other dog child, Piper, a female border would not know what to do without her little man. They are inseperable. When time permits and life has settled down a little, we are going to try some agility classes. We encourage all our friends and family to adopt. Thanks for the great addition to our family."
-- linda and neil dunkle

Adopted October 19, 2003

"My parents adopted Kelsie almost 9 years ago, when she was about 2 years old. She was shy and a little on-edge at first. She wouldn't eat much for the first week, because she was homesick, but she warmed up to us quickly. She has made such a great addition to our family, and I'm so glad that my parents adopted her for us. I don't get to see her often now, because I'm away at school, but she always gives me a warm welcome.

Adopted March 1, 2003

"We adopted Lucy from BRBCR when she was just a little 12 week old puppy. It was fate that she entered our lives. I was looking for another Border Collie to keep our male dog company and we wanted a female B.C. I was looking locally for a dog that someone might be giving up and happen to come across an ad in The Valley Trader that someone was giving away 7 Border Collie mix puppies for free. I contacted the # and was told by the dog owner that the dogs were just taken to the nearby dog shelter in Luray, Va. I was so sad to hear that! I then contacted BRBCR and was searching the website when I came across the listing that BRBCR just adopted 7 puppies from the same shelter! What are the chances! I found out they were the same puppies I was interested in! That\'s when I knew Lucy was meant for us and we were meant for her! She came into our family on 3/1/03 and the next day I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child! She has adjusted beautifully as you can see! Thank you BRBCR!"
-- Sandra Stickovitch

Miss Fire
Adopted October 2003

"Miss Fire has been part of our family for over 4 years and is a wonderful pet. She gets along well with Slingshot, who was a 6 month old Border Collie wanting a companion when she came to live with us. She is very affectionate and loves the 1.5 to 2 mile walk she gets most days. Everyone who visits us falls in love with her. Our dogs have about an acre of ground to run in and she loves to patrol the woods and protect us from deer and squirrels.

Her behavior from day 1 has been flawless, a testament to the care and training she received at her pre rescue foster home. We can't praise BRBCR enough for how well they prepared her for rescue. We also believe that her presence in the house helped Slingshot adapt well. Neither dog has ever developed any troublesome or destructive habits."
-- Don Sanders

Adopted May 18, 2003

"I adopted Spinx (formerly Noah) from BRBCR in May. On the way home from Sandy's house Spinx snuggled up to my son and slept the entire time. He is such a sweetheart and joy to have around. We have completed one course in Obedience and plan to start Flyball as Spinx loves his tennis ball and is very fast (of course). He loves to run around in the back yard and go for long walks with his dog and people friends. I want to thank BRBCR for the wonderful addition to our household. We just love him to pieces!"
-- Barbara Turner

Adopted April 1, 2002

"Just wanted to let everyone know that our family is morning the loss of our beautiful Cookie. She passed away a little over a month ago just after her birthday. It was very sudden and we were able to be with her until she passed. Cookie was a very loving border collie that not only kept us busy, but protected our home, loved our children, and always greeted us with wagging tale and a kiss. She did her job beautifully, and there will never be another like her in our eyes. I want to thank BRBCR for giving us the opportunity to adopt her, and would love another if we choose to do so. I would also like to say to Melissa Thomas that I'm sorry for your loss of Champ. Champ, AKA: Flynn, was Cookie's brother back in early 2002."
-- Chris Hunter

Adopted April 25, 2002

"MACH ADCH Blue Ridge Mountain Flow

Proud, confidant, happy is what my Flow has was an eventful that taught me to NEVER give up, be patient to the max, give unconditional love and above all, enjoy watching this dog flourish into one of my best buddies....Flow will be seven New Year's was 5 1/2 years before she gave me her total trust and love...she has taught me anything is possible given enough time and creativity....Happy Holiday season to all and thank you Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue for allowing Flow to be adopted so far from home!

Andi Bower
MACH ADCH Blue Ridge Mountain Flow, XF
MACH Sunkisd EZ Love"
-- Andi Bower

Adopted March 2002

"Update on Lark: We adopted Lark from BRBCR in March '02. She was 3 months old. She has grown up to be a sweet, gentle, loving dog. I have trained her to compete in Agility and she is doing very well. In just 2 years of competition she has earned Masters titles in AKC, Elite titles in NADAC, and is at the Masters level in USDAA. This year we went to the State Fair to participate in the Classic K9 dog show. In the High Jump competition, Lark jumped an amazing 48 inches. A friend of mine took this picture. "
-- Paige Port

Adopted April 11, 2002

Hello! I thought you might like to hear a long-term success story with long-term positive affects.

We adopted Meg in April 2002 after she was found in a junk yard. We have never understood how anyone could discard her that way because she is a sweet, smart and loving dog. She has been a wonderful and valued part of our family!

In 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer. While I was recovering Meg was my constant companion, never leaving my side unless she was forced to! She gave me such comfort and unconditional love...I wondered about her being a therapy dog to share that with others.

When we moved to Texas in 2006 I found a therapy dog organization and she was certified within 6 weeks. We have worked with special needs adults and became part of a reading program in the San Antonio city schools where many children have poor reading skills and are at risk of failing. When they read to the dogs over a period of time their test scores are remarkably improved. Meg and I have helped many children become much better readers... a skill they will use their entire lives. Thank you again for helping us locate a beloved member of our family.

Kind regards,
-- Michelle Kobell

Adopted April 1, 2001

"Riley came to us as our first dog! After a lengthy search we had almost given up finding the right Border Collie when I logged on one more time to BRBCR and a brand new picture had just been added. Riley. Flash forward to 2005 and Riley is firmly entrenched as a member of our family. Although Riley came to us hating car rides, he recently made it all the way to our vacation home in Cape Cod! He was living large on Nantucket Sound. (great photo eh?)
Bill and Lisa Evans"
-- Bill Evans

Adopted May 5, 2000

"We wanted to let you know that Flick passed away this past week. We adopted him from Sandra Wright 11 years ago when we lost another dog and needed a companion for another. He came from a shelter with his brother. We knew we would keep Flick when our baby at the time crawled over and took a bone out of his mouth! He was so mischevious and loved to get in the trash, etc. but was a great friend to us an dour other dogs and the best guardian of our farm! we agreed years ago that he wanted to sleep outside (except during storms) and he patrolled our farm, keeping predators away all night! He was always on duty and we all slept well knowing he was out there!

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