Success Stories

Success Otis
Adopted October 17, 2015

"I have owned Aussies for years and was the Metro Atlanta Aussie rescue coordinator from 2005-2012. I love Aussies but we had decided that as our current herd thinned due to old age, we would become 1 dog people. I wanted a dog with a more serious work ethic that I could train in herding, therapy and disc. I saw Solo on a friend's Facebook page, and was immediately drawn to him. I needed a dog that has a good bit of energy, but that also could chill out in the house.

We traveled to VA in October of 2015 from GA after being approved through BRBCR. Solo, renamed Otis, has been the perfect fit for our family. He is an amazing active companion but also an expert snuggle bunny when it's time to watch a movie or just chill out. He has come so far from the shy, little pup that we rescued a few short months ago and we are looking forward to all of the wonderful journeys he will take with us. We couldn't have chosen a better fit for our family. He is my dream dog."
-- Rachel Eley

Success AbbyBenn
Adopted Feb 9, 2012

"My family adopted Abby almost four years ago...hard to believe! This little girl had been chained up for the first bit of her life, and when we got her, she was a scared little girl with trust issues. It took us all awhile to get her to open up, but she has blossomed into an outgoing, loving dog, who loves to romp around outside with her brother, Bumper (who we also adopted from The Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue). She enjoys walks and dog treats. We sure are glad we adopted this beautiful girl!"
-- Eli Roy Benn

Success Molly
Adopted October 25, 2005

"I am so sad to say that Jane/Molly passed away three weeks ago. She had just turned 10 years old. She was still very energetic, most people thought she was a puppy. Just a few weeks before she passed, my granddaughter, Lexi, Molly and I were running races around the yard. She so looked forward to meeting Lexi at the door in the morning to play tug of war and jumping up to get a tennis ball. She looked forward to her walks with my husband and I. Molly was so sweet, protecting, and a member of our family who we loved so much. She brought so much fun and joy to our home. We are so lost without her. We are thankful to Sylvia King for fostering Molly so that we could spend 10 great years together."
-- Marcia Shepherd

Success DonnaAndJosie
Adopted September 2014

"I adopted "Ruby" from your rescue last September. Her new name is Josie. I wanted to say "thank you" for such a wonderful dog. After almost a year of training, Josie and I just completed our final evaluation to become a therapy team with K-Pets, an animal assisted therapy organization here in Pennsylvania. She is doing a beautiful job; she is such a gentle and sensitive soul.

This has been a dream of mine for many years. I waited and searched for just the right dog, with the right temperament to do therapy work. Josie is perfect for the job. She loves it. She is a very cherished member of my family, and I hope that the two of us will have many years together.

Thank you for the rescue work you do, and specifically, I thank you for rescuing Josie. Not only do I benefit from knowing her, but many other people will as well. She has already touched the lives of some individuals with dementia and one woman in hospice. She is a special dog.

I know that rescue work can be tiring and thankless, at times. I just wanted you to hear a happy ending, and a great big, "thank you" from a grateful adopter. "
-- Donna Erdman

Success SamAndEric
Adopted May 2014

"Sam and I have been best friends since the day I picked him up. He's transformed a lot over the last year, as all of my friends and family tell me every time they see him He is so much more trusting, sociable, and loving. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Attached is a picture of us from our first backpacking trip together."
-- Eric Gladfelter

Success CheyenneBarbu
Adopted January 2013

"We adopted Cheyenne, a 5 year old border collie from BRBCR, back in 2013. She is now 8 years old and is such an amazingly smart, beautiful, eager-to-please girl with lots of love and energy to share. She was a bit shy when we adopted her, didn't know how to play with toys, and was afraid of items in the house (such as the broom, vacuum, etc.), and she has come out of her shell so much! We've made it a point to expose her to all sorts of household objects, toys, and teach her lots of tricks to build her confidence, and you would never imagine that she didn't know how to play or was fearful before! She was our first dog and is just the best companion we could ask for. She's so confident now, that we were able to adopt another BC that had anxiety/fear issues, and she's helped his confidence a ton too (plus weekly training, and walking to busy areas with lots of noises, excitement). We love our rescues and have found that TLC, lots of training through play, and teaching them new tricks (mental exercise) has really transformed these pups into the most wonderful family members. So grateful for BRBCR, and the wonderful foster care that was provided to Cheyenne before she came to us!"
-- Sophie Barbu

Adopted October 13, 2013

"Meg is a wonderful, friendly, loving Border Collie that came to us in October. She was the perfect dog to help us heal after the loss of our dog. She loves to take long walks every morning, is getting along with our cat and did very well at our obedience class. She goes everywhere with us and loves to meet new people. She sits nicely to greet strangers and we will be progressing to Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training. My husband will be doing agility with her because she LOVES to jump. She is learning how to play with toys and has become a very important part of our family. Follow her adventures on her blog:"
-- Faith Imler

Success Starla
Adopted October 2012

"I had been looking for my own dog for graduation. I was currently active with flyball and got an email with a picture of Anyss, now known as Starla. I filed an adoption form ASAP and got to meet this sweet girl. It was love at first sight. Starla learned the whole game of flyball in 6 months and competed at a year old in Georgia. She passed her CGC at a year old, too. Since then I have trained her to be my service dog, and people are shocked when I tell them she is a rescue. She was adopted at 6 months, and is now 3 years old. She has been with me through happy and sad times. To this day, she follows me everywhere and if I am upset, she will get in my lap and give me a hug. She now has two sisters, Aura a sheltie and Solara a border collie. Her titles are CGC, FD (Flyball Dog), FDX (Flyball Dog Excellence), and FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion)."
-- Kathleen R. Garland


Adopted July 27,2011

"We got Remy a few months ago. My husband really wanted an Australian Shepherd and luckily, she was available.

Her foster mom Mandi was so helpful during the whole adoption process. She gave us such great information about Remy and was willing to answer any and all of our questions.

Remy is super sweet, smart, and eager to please. She has taken to obedience classes very well. She has adjusted to living with us nicely.

Thank you all again for rescuing her."
-- Lee Braddock

Adopted March 10, 2010

"Leo has become my best friend. My girlfriend even insists he has taken to mimicking my behavior in his mannerisms. He was unsure how to play with me when I first got him but that has drastically changed. If Im willing to throw or tug with an item, he is all over it. He has adapted to my life and schedule very well. He howls-growls good morning as soon as my alarm goes off every morning, and he does the same thing as soon as I walk in the door from work. He has been a wonderful addition to my life and I look forward to many happy years with him."
-- Jason Glei

Adopted March 20, 2009

We lost our dog, who was almost 15 yrs old, in December. We were not sure when we would be ready for another dog until we by chance ran across your web page and immediately fell in love with Babs. We love France, so we changed her name to Amelie and are training her in two languages. She is an energetic, loving and protective puppy. A special thanks to Sylvia, who did a fabulous job of fostering, training and caring for our Amelie. "
-- Doug and Eve Key

Adopted March, 2009

"Bodie has been a joy for us. We got him when he was approximately 6-7 months old. He had a great foster mom who obviously had great patience in teaching him to be quite a gentleman. Bodie is very smart. He quickly adapted to being with my husband and I. We were able to teach him in one afternoon to ring bells hung from the doorknob to tell us when he wants to go outside. We are fortunate to have been given such a wonderful opportunity. "
-- Julie Palamara

Adopted March 3, 2009

We wanted to send you a note to let you know that Jax is really doing well with us. He has fit right into our family. In fact it feels like he's been with us forever (even though it's only been about three weeks). He is truly a sweet and loving dog. He loves attention from people and is very affectionate. Whenever Bill is in the house he stays very close to him. He hangs out in the office while he is doing his work. He also likes to ride in the car and is a great companion.

We go for long walks at least twice a day (and usually three times) and he loves to run loose on the golf course next to our house. He really takes off after the squirrels – he's one fast dog! Hopefully he never catches one. When the Canada Geese show up we'll see if he can chase them off the golf course. If he can he'll be a real hero to the golfers. Jax really minds well and is pretty obedient off the leash. Sometimes he gets distracted and doesn't come right away but we're working on that.

We took him to our vet last week and he got his rabies booster and the vet really liked him. We get compliments from everyone on how "beautiful that dog is". He really is a good looking boy.

Thank you so much for your help bringing Jax into our lives.

Best Regards,
Bill & Winnie McGill

Adopted May 18, 2009

Hi there! Rhyan is doing just great! As a matter of fact we just finished giving him an bath. He loves water and loves to get wet, including mud puddles. So he needed a good wash down after the rains we've had in the last week. We bought him a big plastic kiddie pool to play in and it serves double duty as a wash tub. He and Fanny a getting along just fine. She loves having a little brother around. He loves to play fetch in the rec room. Although keeping his attention outside to play fetch is a bit more difficult, too many squirrels to chase! He thinks that anything that moves up in the trees is a squirrel, even at night. He and the cats have come to accept each other and they know not to run downstairs where he is, so no chase issues have arisen. We did have to put up a baby gate in the rec room hallway to keep him from raiding the cat box that is down there. He loves to ride in the truck and has had a blast going for ice cream several times as well as other places. He is the sweetest boy and loves to come put his chin in my lap to get petted and have his ears scratched. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn't have wished for anything better than Rhyan! Thank you, Sylvia!
-- S Sinx

Adopted July 2009

"I adopted Skylar from Sylvia around July 2009, who I must thank for all the help, advice and time she has given the both of us! As a Preceptor at the WCV, I visited often to help socialize the couple groups of puppies that had just arrived while I was there, and this one particular fluffy little puppy decided to escape the pen during a photo-shoot and get lost in the nearby cornfield for a few days. After a variety of searches involving 4-wheelers and chases on foot, Dan helped catch the escapee with a live-trap. And, it wasn't too long after that which I fell in love with the quick little pup.
With Sylvia's help and advice in training, we began on a long and challenging first year of getting him over a great deal of skittish and difficult behaviors, and even though he still has quite a few challenges before him, we have made leaps and bounds together. After many, many classes from manners to agility, and plenty of for-fun training at home, I've never felt closer to a dog in my life. He is my best friend, and a perfect match in every possible way.
I recently began veterinary school, and he has fit in perfectly with this entirely new way of life. When we can't go out for a hike or play agility in the fields next door, he is the perfect study buddy- perfectly content to chill out beside me. He is quick to remind me when it is "Sky-time" though, as he begins piling his toys on my back while I'm reading, or continually nose-bumps me with Sky-kisses until I'm ready to play again.
Although we may never come to the point where we compete in agility, it is certainly a wonderful hobby. He's my first bc, and is such a loving, sweet and often-times goofy troublemaker. I can't imagine what I did before I met him! He keeps me smiling. Thank you Sylvia, and BRBCR, for bringing Sky into my life"
-- Melanie Tarosky

Adopted December 20, 2008

"Jigs is loving his new home. He enjoys playing Frisbee with Cayla, our Border Colle mix, or Soccer with his human papa. He sleeps in bed with me every night. He is a bit of a couch potato as he will curl up on the couch for TV, unless a dog runs across the screen, then he's up trying to get the tv doggies. We truly adore him. He has brought so much happiness to our lives. "
-- Karen Fried

Adopted September 4, 2008

"Skittles has been a joy to our life. He loves the outdoors. He also loves to snugle when he is tired. Skittles gets along good with our son's 5 bear dogs. Thanks "
-- Sandra Kennedy

Adopted August 1, 2007

"My best buddy with her best buddy Bart."
-- Thomas Patafio

Adopted May 20, 2007

"We found Crash (then known as Ash) here on the website. He and his sister (now a certified Therapy dog) survived the deadly Parvo virus. When we adopted him he and his new older brother became inseparable. They are the best of friends. In my first up letter I wrote the following about Crash; quote He has successfully learned how to strip a bed of all its sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads. Also he is learning how to separate whites and colors out of a laundry basket, but has figured out where the washing machine is, so laundry is strewed about the house. He knows how to find one left and one right shoe and bring them to me, they do not always match but he has found out where they all are hidden. He and Tek get along fantastically and are constantly playing. Crash is up to about 32 pounds but still a little small, but he is stretching out. We have moved from D.C. to an Island off the coast of Rhode Island where they both run the beaches just about everyday. Crash's personality is just LOVABLE!! Next year I hope to certify him as a therapy dog, just like his sister. He has been a wonder and a joy to be with!"
-- Robert Perry

Adopted May 10, 2007

"My fiance and I had decided we wanted to get a dog that would fit with our fast paced/outdoorsy lifestyle and we loved the border collie personality. We contacted BRBCR and within days they called us needing a home for a dog named Foxy who was going to be put down at a shelter because no one wanted her. Of course we wanted to meet her and the minute we did, we imediately feel in love. Even though we have only had her 3 months, she is a part of our family! She is so smart, pretty, nice, and loves to go everywhere with us! We are constantly getting compliments on how obedient and beautiful she is.

Thanks for getting us such a nice dog so quickly!"
-- Micah Murphy

Adopted November 10, 2007

"I adopted Gina, who is now Mia, November of last year. She has grown to be such a wonderful, loving, sweet companion for me. She is still really shy around new people (especially men) but she warms up to them if she has to once she gains their trust. She sleeps under the covers with me every night and lays next to me when I'm sitting down and walks next to me when I'm walking around. She is very dedicated to making me happy and I am extremely dedicated to making her life a better one than whatever she had before. She wags her tail constantly now and is more confident than she was when I first got her. I'm pretty sure she understands English and I've had to learn how to become smarter than her! Thank you Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue for giving me the most wonderful dog I could ever possibly find!!!!"
-- Amanda Kirkendall

Adopted December 2006

"I am so grateful to Sylvia and others who took part in rescuing wonderful Beeja. She was initially frightened of everything -- mailboxes and recylcing bins being particularly threatening. But she develops more confidence each day. She loves playing with other dogs, and she loves showing off her training. I cannot imagine a sweeter dog; she is so eager to please. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
-- Julia Shields

Adopted January 2006

"My husband and I adopted Ben a little over 2 years ago. The moment we saw him we knew he was the dog for us and it has been a true pleasure to have him in our lives. Ben is very smart, fun and great with our cats! I think sometimes he forgets he is a border collie though, as he can be quite lazy!! We love him and are very glad we found BRBCR.
-- Sybil McDowell


"I am sad to say that Ben passed away last week. He fought cancer for the last few months and was tough up to the end. We will miss him so much but are very grateful to have shared his life. We didn't have children when we adopted him, but now have twin boys. Ben was their protector and friend. What a wonderful and gentle dog he was! Ben will be in our hearts forever."
-- Sybil McDowell

Adopted January 2006

"We adopted Chipper (formerly Chip) from Emily Adhams care with BRBCR in January. He was 4 months old. Now at 6 months he a true member of the family. Our older mixed boarder, Hogan has taken him under his wing. Abby, our orange tabby is still teaching him not to approach her too quickly (:-), but they are friends. Chipper is wonderful with our two children. Ethan loves to take him on walks and play ball with him. Our handicapped daughter, Kacie just lights up and smiles when he puts his head on her lap or kisses her. Thank you Emily Adhams and BRBCR for offering a sancutuary for this wonder breed of dog, and an opportunity for people to adopt Boarders."
-- Lora & Lin Howerton

Adopted 2006

"I would just like to thank Sylvia King for fostering first West and then Cooper. She made it possible for me to drive up from Florida twice and have total confidence that I was getting the perfect dog each time. Not only has she continually answered each and every question, but she introduced us to agility which has been a wonderful thing for all those involved. Blue Ridge is an excellent organization, and I personally thank you for enriching my family again and again. Thank you."
-- Gill Chapman, Jill Capman

Adopted February 27, 2006

"Jake,(aka Hank to his foster Mom, Emily Adham),became a member of our family three weeks ago. He has stepped right into to the paws of the two great dogs who preceded him with grace and with actions that mimick both prior dogs, endearing him even more. His desire to please and give back ample amounts of love is plain to all who see him with us. It's as if he's been here his whole three years. He lies on my foot as I type this patiently awaiting any adventure to come. Thanks to BRBCR, we were able to complete our family with Jake, the perfect pal!!!"
-- Mariah Custalow

Adopted November 24, 2006

"We adopted Mickey the day after Thanksgiving two years ago. Now Mickey is almost 3 years old and has no idea that he's a dog... he's one of the family. He loves to snuggle on the couch and the rope toy is his favorite. He's a very smart dog who knows all of his toys by name. He is so well behaved that my parents ended up getting a dog of their own, so now Mickey has a friend to go and visit. When we go to see my in-laws, Mick gets so excited because he knows he's about to have all the room in the world to run and play and check out where the deer have been. He may not have turned out to be a border collie as thought, but he has turned out to be a wonderful source of joy in our lives. Thank you Sylvia and BRBCR!"
-- Kelly Miller

Adopted August 11, 2005

"Exactly 2 years to the day from when we adopted Duncan from BRBCR we added Miles to our family. Miles O Smiles is aptly named. He has the cutest smile and will do it on que. He is our 3 year old border collies constant companion and my love bug. It was love at first sight. Thank you to all who were responsible for pulling him from jail, transporting, fostering and letting us adopt him. We love him!"
-- Susan and Neal Merchant

Adopted October 2005

"My husband and I adopted Jane now known as Molly a few days before Halloween 2005. She was one of Panda's many puppies. In August, Molly will be four years old. I just want to give a great Big Thanks to Sylvia King, her adopted Mom, for rescuing Panda and all of those pups and giving us the opportunity to own our precious Molly. She is a wonderful, good natured, intelligent, beautiful and obedient dog. She has really blossomed. She loves her walks and also her bunny toy and of course, her sheep, (unfortunely its stuffed). Thanks again, Sylvia, she is doing awesome. "
-- Marcia Shepherd

Adopted March 30, 2005

"Shep is now known as the 'dream dog,' loved by family, friends neighbors, and a tail wagging greeter to other dogs, and people he meets. A fellow dog owner explained that when encouraging his neighbors to keep their recently adopted resuce dog, he invoked Shep as an example of how great these dogs could become. We adopted 'Shy Shep' from BRBCR back in 2005, where he was being fostered by Emily (and with his mother, brother and his two puppies, the cutest I have ever seen). He was so timid for the first year that he was spooked of almost everything: rustling plastic bags, funny looking pugs, any stranger,or any loud noise. What a difference a few years make, and what a fantastic dog he has become! We have since moved to Minnesota, and this southern boy LOVES the snow. Thanks again BRBCR and Emily for helping us find this great companion."
-- Elizabeth Wilson-Jackson

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